Shields Health Solutions at Becker’s 8th Annual Meeting in Chicago (Booth #42)

In my “About” section, I explain that I call Shields Health Solutions, an independent Specialty Pharmacy and Care integrator, home and that although I am employed by Shields, all of these opinions are mine. I fund this site and Shields has no influence on my posts. So here it goes….

Shields Health Solutions is an awesome company.  I know that everyone that blogs says stuff like that but in this case I pass the “red face” test of truth. The patient outcomes and financial outcomes at our partner hospitals are in every aspect – amazing. What’s even better is the people at Shields are a fantastically talented group of women and men. They live, breathe and eat superior patient outcomes – it’s the topic of conversation at the morning meetings and it’s what is discussed on late night con calls. Our liaisons, pharmacists and pharm techs are among the most diligent, thoughtful and engaging people you have ever met. I’m super proud to say that I’m at Shields.

Dr. Eric Dickson, President and CEO of UMASS Memorial Health Care will be presenting at Beckers tomorrow at 12:30 and he will be discussing their hospital-owned Specialty Pharmacy that Shields helped them create and manage. If you have or are in the process of evaluating Specialty Pharmacy – stop in and take a listen.

If you’re going to Becker’s and want to talk Specialty Pharmacy, send me an email to and I will get us all set.

Be on the lookout for my Becker’s roundup coming after this week!

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